Network automation adds more intelligence and security with easy management, while reducing risks and cost.


Simplify Through Automation
IT Network Solutions

Increasing network complexity can significantly increase demands on network management.
Take advantage of our network automation systems and make life simpler and more affordable.

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Increase network control with centralised management, enabling services such as backup, recovery, & provisioning.

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Networks analyze wireless traffic patterns and automatically reconfigure access points to meet demand.

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Allied Telesis AMF Work with 3rd party security software and services to automate network responses to viable threats.

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Allied Telesis Deliver a high-performance WAN by ensuring your most important applications always use the best path.

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Allied Telesis is recognized for global excellence in cybersecurity, as an award-winning automated security provider

Accelerate your success with services from Syscom Distributions

In addition to traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) routers and firewalls, Allied Telesis offers cutting-edge Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewalls to meet the challenges that endanger corporate security. Our UTM integrated security platforms consolidate both threat protection and application control capabilities into a single device, ensuring the security of business communications.

Take a full control of your Network

The Power of Total Autonomous Networking

SD-WAN Solutions

Simplify your branch office connections for more reliable and secure application delivery, with centralized WAN management and monitoring.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT solutions from Envigilant Systems are built around a robust collection of open technologies. This incorporates the power of a strong core of stellar, high-availability IP networking infrastructure, specialization in edge computing, and is supported with sophisticated managed services.

No Compromise Wi-Fi

Ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed. Simplify purchasing and support. Lower operating costs. And so much more.

Total Autonomous Networking

Automate your network management using a single intelligent tool to combine intelligence and security with easy management, while reducing risks and cost.

Self-Defending Networks

Allied Telesis smart edge security protects your wired and wireless network from internal threats, by automatically quarantining suspect devices. Relax and enjoy a self-defending network.

IP Video Surveillance

Protect and secure your network with intelligent, high-performance video surveillance solutions with lower operating costs.

Discover how an Allied Telesis solution can benefit you​

Small businesses and remote offices are important hubs of productivity—made up of people that rely on the right equipment to get work done smoothly, reliably, and efficiently. Allied Telesis product  portfolio offers a range of reliable switches, wireless access points and UTM firrewalls designed to meet the connectivity and security needs of any small to medium organization.

Easy set-up and simple connectivity for small to medium-sized networks—with an extensive range of cost-effective options

SMB level switch series:
  • CentreCOM XS900MX Series
  • CentreCOM GS900MX/MPX Series
  • CentreCOM GS980M Series
  • CentreCOM FS980M Series
  • GS950 Series
  • CentreCOM GS920 Series
  • CentreCOM GS910 Series
  • CentreCOM FS710 Series
  • FS750 Series
  • 8000S Series


Allied Telesis has been helping enterprises build secure, reliable networks for over 30 years. It gained ample of experience about the issues that IT managers face. 

Our enterprise campus switches build a network to meet the demands of high performance, reliability and security, with a low cost of ownership.

Enterprise level switch series
  • SwitchBlade x908 GEN2
  • SwitchBlade x8100 Series
  • x930 Series
  • x550 Series
  • x530 Series
  • x530L Series
  • x510 Series
  • x320-10GH
  • x220 Series
  • IX5-28GPX
  • x310 Series
  • x230 Series
  • SwitchBlade x908 Series
  • x610 Series

The Allied Telesis Industry level switch Series are cost-effective solution for industrial environments. They provide enduring performance in harsh environments, such as those found in manufacturing, transportation and physical security, building digitalization, and other lite industrial environments demanding a reliable and resilient network solution.

Future-proof industrial switch solutions created to meet the stringent requirements demanded by the industry.

Industry level switch series
  • IE340 Series
  • IE300 Series
  • IE200 Series
  • IE510-28GSX Series
  • IE210L Series
  • IS230 Series
  • IS130 Series
  • CentreCOM IA Series
  • IFS800 Series

Secure VPN Routers

Allied Telesis Secure VPN Routers combine comprehensive security features with powerful routing and switching functionality to provide a secure, high performance security solution. Some models include AWC Lite for autonomous wireless control, creating the ideal platform for easy unified network management.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing support for unicast and multicast traffic
  • IPSec VPNs for secure inter-branch connectivity
  • SSL VPNs for secure remote access for workers (AR2050V and AR2010V only)
  • Sophisticated traffic shaping prioritizes critical traffic
  • Easy to manage with industry-standard CLI and web GUI
  • Easy-start wizards for Internet connectivity on the AR1050V
  • Extended temperatures and AC or DC power options on the AR2010V
  • Built-in bypass port can trigger VRRP failover on the AR2050V
  • SD-WAN load-balancing (AR2050V and AR2010V only)

UTM Firewalls

AR3050S & AR4050S

Powerful firewall security and threat protection is combined with routing and switching to provide an innovative high-performance solution. The addition of AWC Lite for autonomous wireless control creates the ideal security platform for today’s SMB networks.

  • AlliedWare Plus feature-rich operating system
  • Active Fiber Monitoring
  • DPI Firewall
  • Application and web control
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
  • SD-WAN load-balancing

Allied Telesis customer has reported a 60% reduction in operational costs by deploying AMF

Autonomous Wave Control (AWC)

Address the complex and rapidly-evolving environment of the IoT world, by reducing the need for costly human involvement in the deployment and tuning of a wireless networkAND  takes the guesswork out of deploying wireless access points and negates the need for expensive site surveys.

Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

 AMF is a popular network automation solution for busy networks. It automates many common tasks and simplifies management of large networks by reducing the complexity and level of effort required to maintain the network.

AT -Vista Manager EX

Vista Manager EX is our graphical management tool that integrates with AMF and AWC to provide a powerful yet intuitive single-pane-of-glass view of your network. It is the platform that will help us deliver many more intelligent time-saving tools in the future.


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