IT Security Solutions

IT Security Solutions

Data Security is the major challenge that businesses face now-a-days. The act of data being hacked or the Data loss due to software bugs and hardware malfunctions are becoming common these days. The companies are becoming more and more dependent on computer systems to fulfil their day-to-day task. With the emergence of external and internal security threats the organizations have become more concerned about the security practices that need to be implemented. Each company is balanced with certain file containing very crucial information, personal files and various confidential account details that has to be protected with high security measures. Often these firms don’t expect threats considering that these data’s are protected and can be retrieved. But in the case of cyber-attacks these data are totally decoded. In this case it is important to provide your business with certain security measures.

Why all organization need an IT Security Solution?

Organizations are equally vulnerable when it comes to IT security. As the computer networks become more and more intricate, the organizations should be well concerned of the system security as well. The fact is that a non-secured network can easily be broken by even a novice hacker. Most of the attacks occurs by intruding into the network and by increasing the network security you are decreasing the chance of identity threats, privacy spoofing and so on. The company records will be found stolen or effected due to several security breaches. The hackers play an important role and possess a high degree of programming skills by which they retrieve user privacy details. With this programming functionalities with snags in the operating system and with transmission control protocols used, a hacker can intrude directly into network and can access the personal files very easily. Thus these types of attacks can be classified as structured, unstructured, password attacks, IP address spoofing, phishing attacks, application layer attacks and more.

IT Security in Dubai and how do the security attacks happen?

Not only hackers do possess a threat externally, sometimes the employees themselves may cause biggest threat intentionally or unintentionally. Here the employees may install certain privacy software in their PC’s which are infected with Viruses or Trojans. Also many threats occur by forgetting to shutting down the computer whereby this creates a way for attackers to attack the system. Because of all these, your business network infrastructure should be well equipped with security plans in a useable way. If these actions are not undergone in a proper manner, may seriously affect the entire website and networking systems. Therefore like the other policies your business must have a strong and reliable network security planning to identify the type of threat prevailing.


Better solutions for your network safety

Nowadays it is better to adapt some proven strategies like implementation of firewalls, a better password plan, and creating a security culture in the company rather than providing a high level security to the network. Also certain proven venders are .to provide firewalls, effective malware blockings, spam filtering, virus protection and phishing locking.


Firewalls protect your network from intrusions, viruses, malwares, spywares, Trojans and other attacks. Nowadays highly advanced firewalls are available in markets like Sonic wall firewall, Fortinet firewall etc. These are considered as the next generation firewalls because of its advanced inspection features and prevention mechanisms.

Packet filtering firewall: In this type of firewall, advanced inspection of data packets are done before they enters into the network. These next generation firewalls are included with advanced filtering capabilities which enables your network far secured than before.

Stateful firewall: These network firewalls monitors the active connections available on the network. These type of firewalls develops information to decide which type of packet data’s are to be allowed to pass through the firewall. This is a mode of filtering data and is called as Dynamic packet filtering.

Application-layer firewall: Content filtering is done better with this firewall. They inspect well the information within the packet and make decisions based on the content. Therefore it is proved that through this advanced security option, any application request can be estimated very well before reaching the networks.

Proxy Firewalls: Proxy firewalls lies in between the client and servers on the network. These are traffic monitoring firewalls from protocols such as the HTTP and FTP. For deciding which packets to be allowed into the network, a deep packet inspection is undergone to check whether any attack has been occured or not.

It is much difficult to decide the best firewalls and created much confusion. With the help of a good security provider, you can ensure the best firewall for your data and security. Apart from these firewalls, we also deliver Anti-Virus Solutions too. Check out our Software Solutions page to explore more on that.

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