SonicWall SMA 400 Series Appliance

Enable users to access applications and data from anywhere so they stay productive, and keep your company competitive. Designed for organizations with up to 250 remote employees, the SonicWall™ Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 400 Appliance


  • Secure access for managed and unmanaged devices
  • Increase mobile productivity and protect corporate data
  • Simple, efficient access control policy management
  • Efficient to deploy and manage
  • Redundancy and reliability
  • Enhanced security with Clean VPN
  • PCI compliance
  • Remote support and access


Type and scale of installation environment Medium-sized enterprise (500 employees or less)
Licensable standard / maximum number of users 3 (recommended number of users) 25/250 (125)
Secure Virtual Assist / Virtual Access: Maximum number of connections 30 days evaluation version / 25


Interface Four gigabit Ethernet, two USB, one console
processor 2.40 GHz, Intel AtomTM C2358 Quad Core Processor
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Flash memory 2 GB
Maximum power consumption 31.9 W
Total calorific value 109 BTU
Size 43 x 26 x 4.5 cm
Weight of appliance 5 kg
MTBF 6. 870