Wireless Solution

Wireless Solution

Wireless networks are becoming an inevitable part of every organization in UAE. With the incredible increase in the network traffic as well as the equipment, organizations are shifting their wired network to wireless, this will helps them to get off from the structured wiring procedure to an extent. Systematic implementation of a networking solution can help an organization to save more money on their communication expenses. To implement such a good network, you need an assistance from expert engineers in this field. They will be able to identify the best resources and devices that can satisfy your requirements.

With Syscom Distribution LLC’s wireless solutions, you can enjoy the Convenience, Mobility, High Productivity and Expandability from your network infrastructure. Less cost and Easy deployment are the major factors that give wireless solutions a competitive advantage over wired connectivity. With help of innovative wireless technologies, we make sure that all our clients are able to stay connected with their business – Anytime and Anywhere.

Here are some benefits that you can expect from our wireless solutions:


Wireless Networks Are Scalable

One of the main goals of small businesses is growth, but if your network can’t grow with you, it will cause problems. When you use cables to connect your machines, growth means moving, adding or rerouting cables every time there’s a change. This can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but it’s one you can avoid with an infrastructure wireless network. If someone needs to be added to the wireless network, a new user must simply be created on the server. Similarly, if an employee moves desks or the company changes locations, there are no wires to manage, unplug and plug in again somewhere else.

Wireless Networks Are Mobile

 If you have to attend meetings throughout the day and want to take your laptop, having wires can be inconvenient. Every conference room or office would need to have multiple ports to plug your cable in and you have to take your wires with you everywhere you go to be able to access online information. When your network is wireless, you can move about the office using any device without interrupting your connection.

Wireless Networks Can Be Used by Guests

Do your clients ever come to your place of business for meetings? If so, having a wireless networking solution provides them the ability to work and access information they need while in your office. As well as making the sharing of information easier, it offers a nice convenience for guests visiting your office.

Wireless Networks Work With Multiple Devices

Whether your device of choice is a laptop, phone or tablet, you can connect to the network with a simple click. This is convenient for visiting partners or clients, as well as employees who need to accomplish different tasks throughout the day, such as taking notes or checking email in between meetings.

Wireless Networks Increase Efficiency

Using a wireless network can increase productivity for a lower cost. Because of the increased mobility, employees can collaborate and share information wherever they need to and even take action in meetings instead of just taking notes and doing it later. Additionally, the cost to install and maintain an infrastructure wireless network is much less than the wired alternative. A large, wired network requires purchasing cabling and paying for labor to have it run throughout the building, plus additional costs long-term when cables need to be added or replaced. While wireless networking solutions aren’t right for every business (e.g., employees work individually on a desktop and never need to leave their desks), they can offer helpful benefits to many. Before having a network set up, weigh the differences between the two types of systems and make the best choice for your business needs.

If you are expecting a hassle free networking solution for your organization, then contact us to know more about our wireless solutions.