Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Software is an inevitable part of every successful organization. The requirement for software may vary depending on your industry. If you own a company you might need an Enterprise Resource Planning Software to monitor each and every operation in your business. There are so many modules that you can select based on the type of industry you are in. If you are in a service sector, then you need a complete CRM solution. A Customer Relationship management software can help you to know your customer and their relationship with your company. Whatever may be your requirement, we are here to help you. At Syscom Distributions LLC we are delivering complete customer software solutions as per your requirement.

We are dynamic Software Solutions Company based on the values of moral and ethical business practices. Having the commitment, passion and dedication to excel we strive hard to offer the best value propositions to our customers in an accountable way. Our advantage over our competitor is the mutual effort of our people, process and technology. With this source, we deliver a unique strategic value through our operational efficiency to provide cost effective, accurate and timely software solutions.

We have a wide range of consultancy solutions on expanding IT roadmap for your organization to develop a global standard e-business solutions. For the past few years, we have gained a huge respect to the company in the new business paradigms, not to mention our experience and exposure to the cutting edge technologies.

People are more oriented in the success of software in enterprise and work groups than technology. The attention gained by the people, listening ability and common sense are all the key ingredients of winning a software project. We have a better designed software solution to pop up the productivity of your staff and thereby exceeding the return of software investment. A Good software lay the foundation for maximum investment return, but it is our people and professional services that distance us from the competition.

There are two kinds of software companies. Product oriented companies purposely sells you the seats or subscriptions to move forward to the next sale. Service oriented companies needs your work to know more about business, the work flow you maintain, the process, problems, opportunities, your people and their goals.

Syscom Distributions LLC is a product-oriented software solution provider. Our subject-matter expertise and professional services are what turn our customers into 'fans'. We have great people who care about your success and know how to take seemingly complex issues and put them in simple terms.

Each and every organization have a unique characteristics and constraints of their own. The following are the services offered with our solutions

  • Project Management
  • Professional Consulting and Needs Analysis
  • IT Coordination and Security Configuration
  • Data Translation and Conversion
  • Training – Onsite or online
  • ERP/HCM System Integration
  • Rapid Deployment and Agile Development

The right focus on the service gives you a maximum return over investment, increased productivity, immediate access to the right information and gained efficiencies.

We combine traditional IT experience with internet development expertise and knowledge of emerging technologies. This gives you the ability to extend your existing IT investment whilst gaining maximum advantage from the new developments. We make sure to design the best solution by understanding your business goals with the best technology solutions.

It’s in our genetic code. There is nothing more important to us than you feeling comfortable in front of your computer. Our project managers, technical support staff, developers, and sales team are all the types of people that want to make people satisfied, happy, and most importantly, successful.

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