Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution

Operating an efficient, high-performance contact center has never been easier with our products that focus on contact center management. From accurately forecasting workloads to monitoring agents’ performance and tracking key metrics with real-time reporting, we help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our call center infrastructure solutions adhere to international standards encompassing employee health, security, a full-fledged training facility, protection against fire and excellent power backup.

  • Easily manage agent and customer interactions
  • Increase efficiencies and contact center productivity
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences
  • Improve agents’ performance with coaching and training
  • Track critical metrics for smart contact center management
  • Manage your contact center from anywhere

Here at Syscom Distributions LLC, we give our clients the power to decide upon their requirement. We deliver unique call center solutions that help contact centers improve the quality of the customer experience. Because our focus is in customer service, we put a large emphasis on streamlining technology to benefit our customers and our customers' customers.  When it comes to choosing a contact center platform, there are two options available:

  1. Premise-based, which is static technology
  2. Cloud-based, which is more flexible.

The premise-based model relies on the purchase of hardware, software, and human resources to manage both. Contact centers are forced to make large capital investments in equipment and therefore are subjected to continued investments in the maintenance of that equipment. Additionally, users of premise-based platforms may incur additional cost to upgrade to the latest hardware and software solutions. In a nutshell, the premise scenario requires a company to manage all technical infrastructure in-house.

On the other hand, the cloud model is subscription-based, so all hardware, software, and management is handled by the cloud provider. Imagine no longer having to pay for things like servers, routers, and other network equipment. Imagine no longer having to pay for hardware upgrades or the latest software. Imagine no longer having to make large capital investments in technology that will become obsolete within a year. Instead, company subscribes to a cloud-based contact center solution provider, and technical infrastructure becomes an operating expense. This equates to substantial cost savings, streamlined IT, and simple scalability.

Even though cloud-based solutions are providing this much of benefits to you, still companies prefer to have their own contact center solution. Why? Trust is the matter of fact. You cannot completely trust on other companies for the safety of your customer data. In that case, you should approach a contact center solution provider who is well aware of different kinds of contact center technologies. Depending on your requirements they can suggest you a better solution in Dubai UAE.